DC Power Jack Part PJ038

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DC Power Jack, Part #PJ038



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Acer Aspire One A110 Series DC Power Jack Connector: A110 AOA110, A110-xxxx AOA110-xxxx, A110-1295 AOA110-1295, A110-1545 AOA110-1545, A110-1588 AOA110-1588, A110-1691 AOA110-1691, A110-1698 AOA110-1698, A110-1722 AOA110-1722, A110-1812 AOA110-1812, A110-1831 AOA110-1831, A110-1948 AOA110-1948, A110-1955 AOA110-1955, A110-AB AOA110-AB, A110-AC AOA110-AC, A110-AP AOA110-AP, A110-AW AOA110-AW, A110-AGB AOA110-AGB, A110-AGC AOA110-AGC, A110-AW AOA110-AW, A110-BB AOA110-BB, A110-BC AOA110-BC, A110-BGB AOA110-BGB, A110-BGW AOA110-BGW, A110-BW AOA110-BW, A110-L AOA110-L, A110-X AOA110-X, ZG5

Acer Aspire One A150 Series DC Power Jack Connector: A150 AOA150, A150-1006 AOA150-1006, A150-1049 AOA150-1049, A150-1126 AOA150-1126, A150-1249 AOA150-1249, A150-1382 AOA150-1382, A150-1447 AOA150-1447, A150-1493 AOA150-1493, A150-1532 AOA150-1532, A150-1570 AOA150-1570, A150-1672 AOA150-1672, A150-1890 AOA150-1890, A150-1983 AOA150-1983, A150-AB AOA150-AB, A150-AB AOA150-AB, A150-AW AOA150-AW, A150-BB AOA150-BB, A150-BB1 AOA150-BB1, A150-BC AOA150-BC, A150-BGB AOA150-BGB, A150-BGC AOA150-BGC, A150-BGW AOA150-BGW, A150-BK AOA150-BK, A150-BK1 AOA150-BK1, A150-BW AOA150-BW, A150-BW1 AOA150-BW1, A150-L AOA150-L, A150-X AOA150-X

Acer Aspire 3100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3100 AS3100, 3100-xxxx AS3100-xxxx, 3100-1352 AS3100-1352, 3102NWLMi AS3102NWLMi

*Acer Aspire 3690 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3690 AS3690, 3690-xxxx AS3690-xxxx, 3690-2009 AS3690-2009, 3690-2032 AS3690-2032, 3690-2070 AS3690-2070, 3690-2083 AS3690-2083, 3690-2087 AS3690-2087, 3690-2119 AS3690-2119, 3690-2138 AS3690-2138, 3690-2139 AS3690-2139, 3690-2150 AS3690-2150, 3690-2173 AS3690-2173, 3690-2196 AS3690-2196, 3690-2208 AS3690-2208, 3690-2268 AS3690-2268, 3690-2306 AS3690-2306, 3690-2316 AS3690-2316, 3690-2363 AS3690-2363, 3690-2408 AS3690-2408, 3690-2430 AS3690-2430, 3690-2436 AS3690-2436, 3690-2468 AS3690-2468, 3690-2481 AS3690-2481, 3690-2485 AS3690-2485, 3690-2510 AS3690-2510, 3690-2513 AS3690-2513, 3690-2518 AS3690-2518, 3690-2519 AS3690-2519, 3690-2522 AS3690-2522, 3690-2524 AS3690-2524, 3690-2612 AS3690-2612, 3690-2639 AS3690-2639, 3690-2654 AS3690-2654, 3690-2662 AS3690-2662, 3690-2672 AS3690-2672, 3690-2693 AS3690-2693, 3690-2710 AS3690-2710, 3690-2711 AS3690-2711, 3690-2767 AS3690-2767, 3690-2813 AS3690-2813, 3690-2819 AS3690-2819, 3690-2830 AS3690-2830, 3690-2846 AS3690-2846, 3690-2848 AS3690-2848, 3690-2861 AS3690-2861, 3690-2862 AS3690-2862, 3690-2875 AS3690-2875, 3690-2900 AS3690-2900, 3690-2906 AS3690-2906, 3690-2922 AS3690-2922, 3690-2940 AS3690-2940, 3690-2949 AS3690-2949, 3690-2955 AS3690-2955, 3690-2970 AS3690-2970, 3690-2983 AS3690-2983, 3692NWLCi AS3692NWLCi, 3692NWLMi AS3692NWLMi, 3692WLCi AS3692WLCi, 3692WLMi AS3692WLMi, 3693NWLMi AS3693NWLMi, 3693WLMi AS3693WLMi, 3694WLMi As3694WLMi

Acer Aspire 4720 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4720 4720-xxxx AS4720, 4720Z 4720Z-xxxx AS4720Z

*Acer Aspire 5050 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5050 AS5050, 5050-xxxx AS5050-xxxx, 5050-3242 AS5050-3242, 5050-3371 AS5050-3371, 5050-3465 AS5050-3465, 5050-3543 AS5050-3543, 5050-3564 AS5050-3564, 5050-3785 AS5050-3785, 5050-4570 AS5050-4570, 5050-5172 AS5050-5172, 5050-5374 AS5050-5374, 5050-5410 AS5050-5410, 5050-5430 AS5050-5430, 5050-5554 AS5050-5554, 5050-5555 AS5050-5555, 5050-5574 AS5050-5574, 5050-5827 AS5050-5827, 5050-5951 AS5050-5951, 5050-5954 AS5050-5954, 5051 AS5051, 5051ANWXMi AS5051ANWXMi, 5051AWXC AS5051AWXC, 5051AWXMi AS5051AWXMi, 5052 AS5052, 5052ANWXMi AS5052ANWXMi, 5052NWXMi AS5052NWXMi, 5052WXMi AS5052WXMi, 5053 AS5053, 5053ANWXMi AS5053ANWXMi, 5053NWXMi AS5053NWXMi, 5053WXCi AS5053WXCi, 5053WXMi AS5053WXMi, 5054 AS5054, 5054NWXMi AS5054NWXMi, 5054WXMi AS5054WXMi, 5055 AS5055, 5055WXMi AS5055WXMi, 5056WXMi(Russian) AS5056WXMi(Russian), ZR3

Acer Aspire 5070 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5070 5070-xxxx AS5070

*Acer Aspire 5100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5100 AS5100, 5100-xxxx AS5100-xxxx, 5100-1515 AS5100-1515, 5100-3010 AS5100-3010, 5100-3016 AS5100-3016, 5100-3123 AS5100-3123, 5100-3139 AS5100-3139, 5100-3357 AS5100-3357, 5100-3547 AS5100-3547, 5100-3577 AS5100-3577, 5100-3583 AS5100-3583, 5100-3682 AS5100-3682, 5100-3748 AS5100-3748, 5100-3825 AS5100-3825, 5100-3949 AS5100-3949, 5100-3959 AS5100-3959, 5100-4306 AS5100-4306, 5100-4575 AS5100-4575, 5100-4720 AS5100-4720, 5100-5022 AS5100-5022, 5100-5023 AS5100-5023, 5100-5033 AS5100-5033, 5100-5102 AS5100-5102, 5100-5310 AS5100-5310, 5100-5328 AS5100-5328, 5100-5355 AS5100-5355, 5100-5400 AS5100-5400, 5100-5474 AS5100-5474, 5100-5540 AS5100-5540, 5100-5778 AS5100-5778, 5100-5830 AS5100-5830, 5100-BL51 AS5100-BL51, 5101AWLMi AS5101AWLMi, 5101NWLCi AS5101NWLCi, 5101NWLMi AS5101NWLMi, 5101WLCi AS5101WLCi, 5101WLMi AS5101WLMi, 5102 AS5102, 5102WLCi AS5102WLCi, 5102WLMi AS5102WLMi, 5103 AS5103, 5103ANWLMi AS5103ANWLMi, 5103AWLMi AS5103AWLMi, 5103NWLMi AS5103NWLMi, 5103WLCi AS5103WLCi, 5103WLMi AS5103WLMi, 5104 AS5104, 5104AWLMi AS5104AWLMi, 5104ANWLMi AS5104ANWLMi, 5104NWLMi AS5104NWLMi, 5104WLCi AS5104WLCi, 5104WLMi AS5104WLMi, 5105 AS5105, 5105AWLMi AS5105AWLMi, 5105WLCi AS5105WLCi, 5105WLMi AS5105WLMi, 5106AWLMi AS5106AWLMi, 5106 AS5106, 5106ANWLMi AS5106ANWLMi, 5106WLCi AS5106WLCi, 5106WLMi AS5106WLMi, 5107 AS5107, 5107WLCi AS5107WLCi, 5107WLMi AS5107WLMi, 5108 AS5108, 5108WLCi AS5108WLCi, 5108WLMi AS5108WLMi, 5109 AS5109, 5109WLCi AS5109WLCi, 5109WLMi AS5109WLMi

Acer Aspire 5510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5510 5510-xxxx AS5510, 5515 5515-xxxx AS5515, 5516 5516-xxxx AS5516, 5516-5474 AS5516-5474, 5517 5517-xxxx AS5517

Acer Aspire 5520 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5520 5520-xxxx AS5520, 5525 5525-xxxx AS5525

Acer Aspire 5532 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5532 5532-xxxx AS5532, 5532-5509 AS5532-5509, 5532-5535 AS5532-5535

*Acer Aspire 5570 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5570 AS5570, 5570-xxxx AS5570-xxxx, 5570-2016 AS5570-2016, 5570-2052 AS5570-2052, 5570-2067 AS5570-2067, 5570-2094 AS5570-2094, 570-2223 AS5570-2223, 5570-2493 AS5570-2493, 5570-2609 AS5570-2609, 5570-2758 AS5570-2758, 5570-2792 AS5570-2792, 5570-2935 AS5570-2935, 5570-2947 AS5570-2947, 5570-2977 AS5570-2977, 5570-2997 AS5570-2997, 5570-2998 AS5570-2998, 5570-4174 AS5570-4174, 5570-4285 AS5570-4285, 5570-4421 AS5570-4421, 5570-4438 AS5570-4438, 5570-4581 AS5570-4581, 5570-4765 AS5570-4765, 5570Z AS5570Z

Acer Aspire 5580 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5580 5580-xxxx AS5580, 5580-6177 AS5580-6177, 5580-6707 AS5580-6707, 5580-6856 AS5580-6856

Acer Aspire 5610 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5610 AS5610, 5610-xxxx AS5610-xxxx, 5610-2013 AS5610-2013, 5610-2089 AS5610-2089, 5610-2273 AS5610-2273, 5610-2312 AS5610-2312, 5610-2328 AS5610-2328, 5610-2381 AS5610-2381, AS5610-2381 ASAS5610-2381, 5610-2418 AS5610-2418, 5610-2708 AS5610-2708, 5610-2708F AS5610-2708F, 5610-2714 AS5610-2714 AS5610-2714, 5610-2738 AS5610-2738, 5610-2762 AS5610-2762, 5610-2933 AS5610-2933, 5610-2966 AS5610-2966, 5610-2998 AS5610-2998, 5610-4039 AS5610-4039, 5610-4179 AS5610-4179, 5610-4182 AS5610-4182, 5610-4384 AS5610-4384, 5610-4534 AS5610-4534, 5610-4608 AS5610-4608, 5610-4610 AS5610-4610, 5610-4612 AS5610-4612, 5610-4621 AS5610-4621, 5610-4711 AS5610-4711, 5610-4720 AS5610-4720, 5610-4877 AS5610-4877, 5610-4970 AS5610-4970, 5610-7762 AS5610-7762, 5612WLMi AS5612WLMi, 5613WLMi AS5613WLMi, 5610Z AS5610Z

Acer Aspire 5630 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5630 5630-xxxx AS5630

Acer Aspire 5734 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5734 5734-xxxx AS5734, 5734Z 5734Z-xxxx AS5734Z, 5734Z-4386 AS5734Z-4386, 5734Z-4512 AS5734Z-4512, 5734Z-4725 AS5734Z-4725, 5734Z-4836 AS5734Z-4836

Acer Aspire 9500 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 9500 9500xxxx AS9500, 9502WSMi AS9502WSMi, 9503EWSMi AS9503EWSMi, 9504WSMi AS9504WSMi

Acer TravelMate 290 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 290E, 290LCi, 290LMi, 290XCi, 290Xi, 290XMi, 290XVi, 291LCi, 291LCi-G, 291LMi, 291LMi-G, 291XCi, 292LCi, 292LMi, 292X,

Acer TravelMate 2350 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2355LCi

Acer TravelMate 4200 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4200 4200-xxxx TM4200, 4200-4510 TM4200-4510, 4200-4831 TM4200-4831, 4202WLMi TM4202WLMi

Emachines D520 Series: D520

Emachines E620 Series: E620

Emachines E625 Series: E625

Emachines E627 Series: E430

Emachines E510 Series: E510

Emachines E520 Series: E520

Emachines E525 Series: E525

Emachines E627 Series: E627

Emachines E630 Series: E630

Emachines E720 Series: E720

Emachines E725 Series: E725

Emachines G420 Series: G420

Emachines G525 Series: G525

Emachines G620 Series: G620

Emachines G625 Series: G625

Gateway MC73 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MC7300, MC73xx, MC7310u, MC7321u

Gateway MC78 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MC7800, MC78xx, MC7801u, MC7803u, MC7804h, MC7825u, MC7833U

Gateway MD24 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MD2400, MD24xx

Gateway MD26 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MD2600, MD26xx, MD2601u, MD2614u

Gateway MD73 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MD7300, MD73xx, MD7309u, MD7311h, MD7312h, MD7313h, MD7321u, MD7329u, MD7330u, MD7333u, MD7334u, MD7335u

Gateway MD78 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MD7800, MD78xx, MD7801u, MD7808u, MD7818u, MD7820u, MD7822u, MD7826u

Gateway NV79 Series: NV7900, NV79xx, NV7901U, NV7902U, NV7906U, NV7922U, NV7923U, NV7915U, NV7919U, NV7920U, NV7921U, NV7925U, NV7930U

*Note: This Acer system uses any of 3 different power boards. These power boards use 2 different style DC Power Jacks, our PJ038 or PJ056. The power boards are interchangeable so to get what you need you'll have to disassemble the laptop enough to determine which jack to buy or buy both to cover it.


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DC Power Jack Part PJ038

DC Power Jack, Part #PJ038

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