DC Power Jack Part PJ072

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DC Power Jack, Part #PJ072



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Can be used with both 65 watt and 90 watt AC adapters.

Acer Aspire 5251 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5251-1202G16Mn AS5251-1202G16Mn, 5251-1202G25Mn AS5251-1202G25Mn, 5251-1203G16Mn AS5251-1203G16Mn, 5251-1203G25Mn AS5251-1203G25Mn, 5251-N122G32Mn AS5251-N122G32Mn

Acer Aspire 5340 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5340 AS5340

Acer Aspire 5534 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5534 AS5534, 5534-1073 AS5534-1073, 5534-1096 AS5534-1096, 5534-1121 AS5534-1121, 5534-1146 AS5534-1146, 5534-1398 AS5534-1398, 5534-5410 AS5534-5410, 5534-5950 AS5534-5950

Acer Aspire 5538 5538G Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5538 AS5538, 5538G AS5538G

Acer Aspire 5551 5551G Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5551-N332G16Mn AS5551-N332G16Mn, 5551-N332G32Mn AS5551-N332G32Mn, 5551-N334G32Mn AS5551-N334G32Mn, 5551-N532G32Mn AS5551-N532G32Mn, 5551-N534G32Mn AS5551-N534G32Mn, 5551-N832G32Mn AS5551-N832G32Mn, 5551-N833G25Mn AS5551-N833G25Mn, 5551-N833G32Mn AS5551-N833G32Mn, 5551-N834G32Mn AS5551-N834G32Mn, 5551-N834G50Mn AS5551-N834G50Mn, 5551-1_BR2G25M AS5551-1_BR2G25M, 5551-1_BR3G25M AS5551-1_BR3G25M, 5551-P321G16Mn AS5551-P321G16Mn, 5551-P322G25Mn AS5551-P322G25Mn, 5551-P322G32MnAS5551-P322G32Mn, 5551-P323G25Mi AS5551-P323G25Mi, 5551-P323G32Mn AS5551-P323G32Mn, 5551-P324G25Mn AS5551-P324G25Mn, 5551-P324G32Mn AS5551-P324G32Mn, 5551-P324G50Mn AS5551-P324G50Mn, 5551-P324G64Mn AS5551-P324G64Mn, 5551-P52_BR3G25 AS5551-P52_BR3G25, 5551-P522G25Mn AS5551-P522G25Mn, 5551-P524G50Mn AS5551-P524G50Mn, 5551G-N332G32Mn AS5551G-N332G32Mn, 5551G-N334G32Mn AS5551G-N334G32Mn, 5551G-N334G50Mn AS5551G-N334G50Mn, 5551G-N534G64Bn AS5551G-N534G64Bn, 5551G-N532G32Mn AS5551G-N532G32Mn, 5551G-N534G32Mn AS5551G-N534G32Mn, 5551G-N534G50Mn AS5551G-N534G50Mn, 5551G-N534G64Bn AS5551G-N534G64Bn, 5551G-N832G32Mn AS5551G-N832G32Mn, 5551G-N832G50Mn AS5551G-N832G50Mn, 5551G-N833G25Mi AS5551G-N833G25Mi, 5551G-N833G32Mn AS5551G-N833G32Mn, 5551G-N834G32Mi AS5551G-N834G32Mi, 5551G-N834G32Mn AS5551G-N834G32Mn, 5551G-N834G50Mn AS5551G-N834G50Mn, 5551G-N834G64Mn AS5551G-N834G64Mn, 5551G-P322G32Mn AS5551G-P322G32Mn, 5551G-P323G25Mi AS5551G-P323G25Mi, 5551G-P324G32Mn AS5551G-P324G32Mn, 5551G-P324G50Mn AS5551G-P324G50Mn, 5551G-P522G25Mn AS5551G-P522G25Mn, 5551G-P524G32Mi AS5551G-P524G32Mi, 5551G-P524G50Mn AS5551G-P524G50Mn, 5551G-P524G64Mn AS5551G-P524G64Mn

Acer Aspire 5552 5552G Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5552 AS5552, 5552G AS5552G

Acer Aspire 8920 8920G Series DC Power Jack Connector: 8920 AS8920, 8920G AS8920G

Acer Aspire 8930 8930G Series DC Power Jack Connector: 8930 AS8930, 8930G AS8930G

Gateway NV50A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV50A

Gateway NV51B Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV51B05U, NV51B08U

Gateway NV53A Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV53A00, NV53Axxx, NV53A, NV53A05U, NV53A11U, NV53A24U, NV53A32U, NV53A33U, NV53A36U, NV53A48U, NV53A52U, NV53A75U, NV53A82U, NV53A88U

Gateway NV55C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV55C03U, NV55C11U, NV55C14U, NV55C15U, NV55C17U, NV55C19U, NV55C22U, NV55C24U, NV55C25U, NV55C26U, NV55C28U, NV55C29U, NV55C30U, NV55C31U, NV55C32U, NV55C33U, NV55C34U, NV55C35U, NV55C38U, NV55C39U, NV55C44U

Gateway NV59C Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV59C05U, NV59C09U, NV59C11U, NV59C26U, NV59C27U, NV59C28U, NV59C31U, NV59C32U, NV59C33U, NV59C34U, NV59C35U, NV59C40U, NV59C41U, NV59C42U, NV59C43U, NV59C44U, NV59C46U, NV59C56U, NV59C57U, NV59C63U, NV59C65U, NV59c66U, NV59C69U, NV59c70U, NV59C72U, NV59C73U

Gateway NV79C Series: NV79C17U, NV79C27U, NV79C34U, NV79C35U, NV79C36U, NV79C37U, NV79C38U, NV79C42U, NV79C47U, NV79C48U, NV79C49U, NV79C50U, NV79C51U, NV79C52U, NV79C54U

Note: This is the Jack only and does not include the harness. You will need to reuse your harness.


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DC Power Jack Part PJ072

DC Power Jack, Part #PJ072

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