XELTEK SuperPro 6100N Universal IC Chip Device Programmer NEWEST version 20 Adapters EDID code

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XELTEK SuperPro 6100N Universal IC Chip Device Programmer NEWEST version + 20 Adapters EDID code



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XELTEK SuperPro 6100N (so not 6100)Universal Programmer 100,000+ devices supported

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SuperPro 6100N is a cost-effective, reliable, and high-speed universal chip programmer. It is designed to communicate using USB 2.0 port for development requirement and can also work in standalone mode (without connecting to a PC) for production requirement. It has the largest device support count in the programming industry with 144 pin drivers to support high pin count chips.

Application and target customers: Programming houses, electronic repair, car repair shops, forensic and data recovery companies, medical devices, requirement for larger device support.

Advantages of SuperPro 6100N

Ultra Fast Programming Speed SuperPro 6100 is designed with high programming speed in mind. Our semiconductor manufacturer approved algorithms, precision and clean signals guarantee high programming yield. Special design was made to eliminate overshoot and ground bounce. Algorithms are performed with state machine architecture constructed with FPGA to achieve a ultra-high programming speed.

Largest Device Support Located in Silicon Valley, we keep good relationships with many major IC companies that are important for us to continuously support new devices. SuperPro 6100 currently supports more than 100,000 devices, which is the largest device library in the programming industry. Requested device algorithms can be added within a week - average lead time from other manufacturers is over two months.

Built-in 144 Pin Driver Most universal IC programmers are designed with 48 pin driver or less. Programmers with a 48 pin driver design need special adapters (pin mapping) to accommodate devices with more than 48 pins. Bottom boards needed for pin mapping can quickly increase production costs just to support one package type. SuperPro 6100N is equipped with a built-in universal 144 pin driver to accommodate large pin count devices. One universal adapter accommodates all devices with the same package type.

Stand-Alone Mode Unlike many other universal programmers in the industry, SuperPro 6100N is capable of operating in stand-alone mode. Under stand-alone mode, SuperPro 6100 can be operated by an inexperienced operator with minimal training. Once the project file is selected, the operator only has to insert a blank chip and remove the programmed chip upon beeping. This ensures a minimal chance that an operator will make a mistake. Users can also use clusters of stand-alone programmers to achieve high volume production. Last but not the least, stand-alone mode saves both the cost of PC and labor of the trained and qualified operator.

Tester for Logic Devices and SRAMs In addition to having a large device library, SuperPro 6100 programmer is also designed for IC testing of varioudevices such as TTL, CMOS Logic (74/4000 series), and SRAM memory devices.

Hardware and Electrical Specifications

Devices supported

EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory (NOR), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU

Package types supported


PC interface

USB 2.0

Stand-alone memory

Compact FLASH Card

Power supply

AC Adapter: Input AC 100V- 240V; Output: 12V/1.5A


Main unit: 148(L) x 216(W) x 94(H) mm

Package: 301(L) x 252(W) x 145(H) mm


Main unit: Weight 3.5 lbs (1.6 Kg)

Package: Weight 6.2 lbs (2.8Kg)

Expanded Features

Operate multiple units to construct a concurrent multi-programming system. Cluster 1-15 units for flexible volume production.

Support devices with Vcc from 1.2V - 5V.

Support files up to 256 GB.

Over-current and over-voltage protection for safety of the chip and programmer hardware.

Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms used for high reliability.

Vcc verification (at +5% ~ -5% and +10% ~ -10%) enhances programming reliability.

Ac Acessories:

Main unit with a DIP48 adaptor, AC adaptor, USB2.0 cable, user manual, software CD, register card

Optional accessories: adaptor in varies packages, CF card for stand-alone operation.

Packing List:

1 * XELTEK SuperPro 6100N Programmer

1 * AC Adapter: Input AC 100V- 240V; Output: 12V/1.5A

1 * USB Cable

1 * CD Software

1 * DX0001 Adapter

1 * TSOP48 Adapter

1 * SOP28-DIP28 (300mil) Adaptador

1 * SOP20-DIP20 (200mil) Adaptador

1 * SOP8-DIP8 (200mil) Adaptador

1 * SOP16-DIP16 (150mil) Adaptador

1 * SOP8-DIP8 (150mil) Adaptador

1 * TSSOP8-DIP8 (170mil) Adaptador

1 * PLCC44-DIP44

1 * PLCC44-DIP40

1 * PLCC32-DIP32

1 * PLCC28-DIP28

1 * PLCC28-DIP24

1 * PLCC20-DIP20

1 * SOP8-DIP8 Simple Adaptador

1 * QFN8 WSON8 Simple Adaptador

1 * MSOP8/SSOP8/SOP8/SOP16-DIP16 Simple Adaptador

2 * SSOP4-28PIN 0.65mm / SOP4-28PIN 1.27mm Simple Adaptador

1 * LCD LED screen EDID code

1 * SOP8 Clamp Test

1 * IC Chip Extractor


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XELTEK SuperPro 6100N Universal IC Chip Device Programmer NEWEST version 20 Adapters EDID code

XELTEK SuperPro 6100N Universal IC Chip Device Programmer NEWEST version + 20 Adapters EDID code

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