GBA64 RT-BGA64-01 1 Spacing Frame 9,10,13,15mm EMMC DDR CPU Flash Adapter RT809H


GBA64 RT-BGA64-01

Product Description:
RT-BGA64-01 1.0mm spacing frame 11*13mm Adapt to S29GL512 S29GL256 S29GL128 S29GL064 S29GL032
RT-BGA64-02 1.0mm spacing frame 10*13mm Adapt to 28F640,28F128
RT-BGA64-02 1.0mm spacing frame 10*15mm Adapt to 28F256
1. High quality and high accurate positioning
2. Pins count available: 1~2000 pins (2000pins 0.4mm Max.)
3. Pitch=0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm or irregular pitch
4. Low or high frequency
5. For universal,ddr,flash,emmc and CPU chip
6. Life span: ≥30,000 times
7. Material: PEI & PES
8. Temperature: -55°C~+170°C
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