When the programmer is in the normal running process, occasionally disconnection occurs:

Please turn off the programmer software, and then pull out the peripheral connection【Such as the adapters on the locking seat, the cables on the VGA ISP, ISP, HDMI interface】,pull out and re-plug the connection line between the programmer and the computer USB port(USB2.0), and then open the programmer software. If it still can not solve the problem, please operate as following:
First, close the programmer software;Second, unplug the USB cable;Third, end the process of the programmer under the Windows Task Manager;Fourth, plug the USB cable;Fifth,re-open the programmer software;Sixth, generally, the problem can be solved;Seventh, if not, restart the computer.
The specific method of entering the Task manager:

a.Find the Ctrl, Alt, Del or Delete keys on the keyboard;

b. Press the three keys at the same time, or press Ctrl and Alt, and then press Del or Deletec.
c. At this point, several options pop up and “select Start Task Manager”

In Windows Task Manager, how to quickly find the RT809 programmer’s process:

Win XP:

Win 7:

In summary, on both Win XP and Win 7, the corresponding programmer model is displayed, so when looking, you can click the mouse cursor on the Windows Task manager, then press the key CapsLock on the keyboard. Keep in the uppercase letter state, and then repeatedly press the R key on the keyboard, then you can quickly find it.

On Win10, automatic classification of applications and background processes can be quickly seen as long as there are not many applications running.
End the process
Move the mouse cursor to it and click the left mouse button, then right-click, and select the “End process”.

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