DC Power Jack Part PJ018

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DC Power Jack, Part #PJ018



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Gateway Convertible C-140 Series DC Power Jack Connector: C-140S, C-140X, C-140X, C-140XL, C-141X, C-141XL, C-142XL, C-143X, C-143XL

Gateway Convertible C-5800 Series DC Power Jack Connector: C-5815, C-5817c

Gateway CX200/2000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: CX200S, CX200X, CX210S, CX210X, CX2608, CX2610, CX2615, CX2618, CX2619, CX2620, CX2620h, CX2720, CX2724, CX2724h, CX2726, CX2728, CX2735m, CX2750, CX2755, CX2756

Gateway E-100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: E-100M, E-100M G, E-100M SB

Gateway E-155 Series DC Power Jack Connector: E-155C, E-155C G

Gateway E-265 Series DC Power Jack Connector: E-265M, E-265M G

Gateway E-295 Series DC Power Jack Connector: E-295C, E-295C G

Gateway E-475 Series DC Power Jack Connector: E-475M, E-475M G

Gateway M-14, M-1400 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-1410j, M-1411j, M-1412

Gateway M-150 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-150S, M-150X, M-150XL

Gateway M-151 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-151S, M-151X, M-151XL

Gateway M-152 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-152S, M-152XL

Gateway M-153 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-153S, M-153X, M-153XL

Gateway M-16, M-1600 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-1615, M-1617, M-1618, M-1618N, M-1618R, M-1619j, M-1622, M-1622h, M-1624, M-1625, M-1626, M-1628, M-1629, M-1630j, M-1631j, M-1631u, M-1632j, M-1634u

Gateway M-24, M-2400 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-2404u, M-2408j, M-2409j, M-2410j, M-2410u, M-2414u, M-2421u

Gateway M-26, M-2600 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-2623u, M-2624u, M-2625u, M-2626u

Gateway M-62, M-6200 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-6205m, M-6206m, M-6207m

Gateway M-63, M-6300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-6305, M-6307, M-6308, M-6309, M-6312, M-6315, M-6316, M-6317, M-6318, M-6319, M-6320, M-6322, M-6323, M-6324, M-6325, M-6332, M-6333, M-6334, M-6335, M-6337, M-6339u, M-6340u

Gateway M-67, M-6700 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-6750, M-6750h, M-6752, M-6755

Gateway M-68, M-6800 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-6801m, M-6801mT, M-6802m, M-6803m, M-6804m, M-6805m, M-6806m, M-6807m, M-6808m, M-6809m, M-6810m, M-6811m, M-6812m, M-6813m, M-6814m, M-6815, M-6816, M-6817, M-6821b, M-6822, M-6823, M-6823a, M-6824, M-6825j, M-6826j, M-6827, M-6827j, M-6828b, M-6829b, M-6834, M-6839j, M-6840j, M-6841, M-6842j, M-6843, M-6844, M-6846, M-6847, M-6848, M-6849, M-6850FX, M-6851, M-6854m, M-6862, M-6864FX, M-6866, M-6867, M-6873b, M-6873h, M-6874h, M-6875b, M-6876b, M-6877b, M-6878, M-6878h, M-6879j, M-6880, M-6881, M-6882h, M-6883u, M-6884h, M-6885u, M-6887u, M-6888h, M-6888u, M-6889u

Gateway M-73, M-7300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-7301h, M-7301u, M-7305u, M-7309h, M-7315u, M-7317u, M-7325u, M-7328u, M-7333u, M-7334u

Gateway M-78, M-7800 Series DC Power Jack Connector: M-7810j, M-7818u

Gateway M210, M250GS, M250G, M250ES, M250E, M250A, M250B, M360, M360A, M360B, M360C, M460, M460A, M460B, M465QS, M465G, M465E, M520

Gateway MX1000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MX1020j, MX1023, MX1023h, MX1025, MX1027, MX1049c, MX1050c

Gateway 3000, ML3000, MX3000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3018GZ, 3040GZ, 3520GZ, 3522GZ, 3525GB, 3545GZ, 3550GH, 3550GZ, 3610GZ, MX3042, MX3044, MX3044h, MX3050b, MX3101b, MX3102j, MX3103b, MX3138m, MX3139m, MX3140m, MX3141m, MX3142m, MX3143m, MX3210, MX3212, MX3215, MX3220b, MX3222b, MX3225, MX3228, MX3228h, MX3230, MX3230h, MX3231, MX3235m, MX3311b, MX3410, MX3410h, MX3412, MX3412h, MX3414, MX3416, MX3417, MX3422, MX3558, MX3558h, MX3560, MX3560h, MX3562, MX3563, MX3563h, MX3610, MX3631m, MX3701, MX3702, ML3108b, ML3108q, ML3108v, ML3108z, ML3109, ML3706

Gateway MX4000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MX4610m, MX4624, MX4625, MX4627

Gateway 6000, ML6000, MT6000, MP6000, MX6000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 6010GZ, 6018GH, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GH, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP, 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6525GP, 6531GZ, 6832JP, 6834MX, ML6018j, ML6020j, ML6226b, ML6227b, ML6227q, ML6227v, ML6227z, ML6228, ML6230, ML6231, ML6232, ML6703, ML6714, ML6720, ML6721, ML6725, ML6731, ML6732, MP6925j, MP6954, MP6954h, MT6015j, MT6016j, MT6017, MT6019c, MT6021c, MT6220b, MT6221jb, MT6223b, MT6224j, MT6225j, MT6228j, MT6229j, MT6451, MT6452, MT6456, MT6457, MT6458, MT6459, MT6460, MT6704, MT6704h, MT6705, MT6706, MT6707, MT6708, MT6709, MT6709h, MT6711, MT6722b, MT6723, MT6724b, MT6728, MT6729, MT6730, MT6733, MT6735b, MT6821, MT6823b, MT6824b, MT6825b, MT6826j, MT6827j, MT6828, MT6828h, MT6830, MT6831, MT6832b, MT6833b, MT6834b, MT6835j, MT6836j, MT6838j, MT6839b, MT6840, MT6840h, MT6841, MT6842b, MT6915b, MT6916, MT6917b, MT6919, MT6920, MX6002m, MX6003m, MX6004m, MX6005m, MX6006m, MX6008m, MX6025, MX6025h, MX6027, MX6027h, MX6028, MX6030, MX6110m, MX6111m, MX6112m, MX6113m, MX6121, MX6123, MX6124, MX6124h, MX6128, MX6130j, MX6131, MX6132j, MX6134j, MX6135, MX6136j, MX6211b, MX6212j, MX6213j, MX6214, MX6215b, MX6216, MX6217j, MX6243m, MX6410m, MX6420, MX6421, MX6422, MX6423, MX6424, MX6424h, MX6425, MX6426, MX6427, MX6428, MX6429, MX6430, MX6431, MX6433, MX6436, MX6437, MX6438, MX6439, MX6440, MX6440h, MX6441, MX6442, MX6444, MX6444h, MX6445, MX6446, MX6447, MX6448, MX6450, MX6452, MX6453, MX6454, MX6455, MX6618m, MX6619m, MX6620m, MX6625, MX6627, MX6627h, MX6628j, MX6629, MX6629h, MX6630j, MX6631, MX6632j, MX6633, MX6633h, MX6635b, MX6637f, MX6638b, MX6639b, MX6639j, MX6640b, MX6641, MX6641h, MX6650, MX6650h, MX6708, MX6708h, MX6710, MX6750, MX6750h, MX6901m, MX6912, MX6915j, MX6917j, MX6918b, MX6919, MX6920, MX6920h, MX6921b, MX6922b, MX6923b, MX6924j, MX6926b, MX6927, MX6930, MX6930h, MX6931, MX6932b, MX6933b, MX6934m, MX6935m, MX6936m, MX6937m, MX6938m, MX6939m, MX6940m, MX6941m, MX6942m, MX6943m, MX6944m, MX6945m, MX6946m, MX6947m, MX6951, MX6951h, MX6952j, MX6953j, MX6955, MX6956, MX6957, MX6958, MX6959, MX6960, MX6961, MX6961h

Gateway 8000, MP8000, MX8000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 8510GH, 8510GZ, 8515GZ, 8550GB, MP8701j, MP8708, MP8709, MX8520, MX8523, MX8525, MX8528, MX8530, MX8554b, MX8556f, MX8703j, MX8707j, MX8710, MX8711, MX8715, MX8716b, MX8720m, MX8721m, MX8734, MX8736j, MX8738, MX8739, MX8741

Gateway NX Series DC Power Jack Connector: NX100X, NX200S, NX200X, NX250X, NX260X, NX270S, NX500S, NX500S w/S-Video, NX500X, NX500X w/S-Video, NX510S, NX510X, NX550X, NX550XL, NX560X, NX560XL, NX570QS, NX570S, NX570X, NX570XL, NX850X, NX850XL, NX860S, NX860X, NX860XL, NX860XL

Gateway P-17 Series DC Power Jack Connector: P-170L, P-170X, P-171S, P-171X, P-171S FX, P-171X FX, P-171XL FX, P-172X, P-172S FX, P-172XL FX, P-173X FX, P-173XL FX

Gateway P-63, P-6300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: P-6301, P-6302, P-6311, P-6312, P-6313, P-6313h, P-6317, P-6318u

Gateway P-68, P-6800 Series DC Power Jack Connector: P-6801m FX, P-6822, P-6825, P-6828h, P-6829h, P-6831 FX, P-6832, P-6836, P-6860 FX, P-6861j FX, P-6872h

Gateway P-73, P-7300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: P-7300, P-73xx

Gateway P-78, P-7800 Series DC Power Jack Connector: P-7800, P-78xx, P-7801u, P-7805u FX, P-7807u FX, P-7808u, P-7811 FX, P-7812j FX, MS2252

Gateway S-700 Series DC Power Jack Connector: S-7200N, S-7210M, S-7220M, S-7225C, S-7310M, S-7320M, S-7410M, S-7500N, S-7510N, S-7700N, S-7710N

Gateway T-14, T-1400 Series DC Power Jack Connector: T-14xx, T-1409j, T-1412, T-1413h, T-1424u

Gateway T-16, T-1600 Series DC Power Jack Connector: T-16xx, T-1602m, T-1603m, T-1604m, T-1605m, T-1616, T-1620, T-1621, T-1622, T-1623, T-1625, T-1628, T-1628h, T-1629, T-1630, T-1631

Gateway T-62, T-6200 Series DC Power Jack Connector: T-62xx, T-6208c

Gateway T-63, T-6300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: T-63xx, T-6303c, T-6304c, T-6305c, T-6307c, T-6308c, T-6311, T-6313, T-6313h, T-6315c, T-6316c, T-6317c, T-6318c, T-6319c, T-6320c, T-6321, T-6322c, T-6323c, T-6324c, T-6325c, T-6326c, T-6327c, T-6330u, T-6339u, T-6340u, T-6341u, T-6345u, T-6346c

Gateway T-68, T-6800 Series DC Power Jack Connector: T-68xx, T-6801m, T-6802m, T-6815, T-6815h, T-6816, T-6816h, T-6817c, T-6818c, T-6819c, T-6820c, T-6821c, T-6822c, T-6823c, T-6824c, T-6825c, T-6826c, T-6827c, T-6828, T-6829, T-6829h, T-6830c, T-6831c, T-6832c, T-6834c, T-6836, T-6840c, T-6841h, T-6842, T-6842h, T-6859u


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DC Power Jack Part PJ018

DC Power Jack, Part #PJ018

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