DC Power Jack Part PJ014

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DC Power Jack, Part #PJ014



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Acer Aspire 1200 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1200 AS1200, 1200X AS1200X, 1200XV AS1200XV, 1202 AS1202, 1202X AS1202X, 1203 AS1203, 1203X AS1203X, 1203XC AS1203XC, 1203XV AS1203XV

Acer Aspire 1400 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1400 AS1400

Acer Aspire 1410 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1410 AS1410, 1414 AS1414, 1414WLCi AS1414WLCi

Acer Aspire 1640 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1640 AS1640, 1641LCi AS1641LCi, 1641WLMi AS1641WLMi, 1642WLMi AS1642WLMi, 1644WLMi AS1644WLMi

Acer Aspire 1650 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1650 AS1650, 1650Z AS1650Z, 1652LMi AS1652LMi, 1654WLMi AS1654WLMi

Acer Aspire 1680 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1680 AS1680, 1681 AS1681, 1681LCi AS1681LCi, 1681WLCi AS1681WLCi, 1681WLMi AS1681WLMi, 1682WLMI AS1682WLMI, 1684 AS1684, 1684WLMi AS1684WLMi, 1685WLMi AS1685WLMi

Acer Aspire 1690 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 1690 AS1690, 1690LCi AS1690LCi, 1690WLCi AS1690WLCi, 1690WLMi AS1690WLMi, 1691WLCi AS1691WLCi, 1691WLMi AS1691WLMi, 1692WLMi AS1692WLMi, 1694WLMi AS1694WLMi

Acer Aspire 2000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2000 AS2000, 2001LCi AS2001LCi, 2001WLCi AS2001WLCi, 2002LCi AS2002LCi, 2002LMi AS2002LMi, 2003LMi AS2003LMi, 2003WLMI AS2003WLMI

Acer Aspire 3000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3000 AS3000, 3000 ZL5 AS3000 ZL5, 3002LCi AS3002LCi, 3002WLCi AS3002WLCi, 3002WLMi AS3002WLMi, 3003LCi AS3003LCi, 3003WCi AS3003WCi, 3003WLCi AS3003WLCi, 3003WLM AS3003WLM, 3003WLMi AS3003WLMi, 3004WLCI As3004WLCI, 3004WLMI As3004WLMI, 3005WLMI As3005WLMI

Acer Aspire 3100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3100 AS3100, 3100-xxxx AS3100-xxxx, 3100-1352 AS3100-1352, 3102NWLMi AS3102NWLMi

Acer Aspire 3500 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3500 AS3500, 3502LCi AS3502LCi, 3502NLCi AS3502NLCi, 3502WLCi AS3502WLCi, 3502WLMI AS3502WLMI, 35003LCi AS3503LCi, 35003WLCi AS3503WLCi, 3503WLMI AS3503WLMI

Acer Aspire 3510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3510 AS3510

Acer Aspire 3610 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3610 AS3610, 3612LCi AS3612LCi, 3613LCi AS3613LCi, 3613WLCi AS3613WLCi, 3613WLMi AS3613WLMi, 3618AWLCi AS3618AWLCi

Acer Aspire 3620 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3620 AS 3620, 3623 AS3623, 3623NWXMi AS3623NWXMi, 3623WLCi AS3623WLCi, 3623WLMi AS3623WLMi, 3623WXCi AS3623WXCi, 3623WXMi AS3623WXMi, 3624WXCi AS3624WXCi, 3624WXMi AS3624WXMi

Acer Aspire 3630 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3630 AS3630, 3634LMi AS3634LMi, 3634WLMi AS3634WLMi

Acer Aspire 3640 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MS180, 364x AS364x, 3640 AS3640, 3641 AS3641, 3641NWXCi AS3641NWXCi, 3642WXMi AS3642WXMi, 3643 AS3643

Acer Aspire 4220 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4220 AS4220, 4220-xxxxx AS4220-xxxxx, 4220-1852 AS4220-1852, 4220-200512Ci AS4220-200512Ci, 4220-200512Mi AS4220-200512Mi, 4220-200516Ci AS4220-200516Ci, 4220-201G08Mi AS4220-201G08Mi, 4220G AS4220G

Acer Aspire 4320 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4320 AS4320, 4320-xxxxx AS4320-xxxxx, 4320-101G12Mi AS4320-101G12Mi, 4320-101G16Ci AS4320-101G16Ci, 4320-101G16M AS4320-101G16M, 4320-2252 AS4320-2252, 4320-2263 AS4320-2263, 4320-2266 AS4320-2266, 4320-2451 AS4320-2451, 4320-200516Mi AS4320-200516Mi

Acer Aspire 4520 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4520 AS4520, 4520x-xxxxx AS4520x-xxxxx, 4520-5141 AS4520-5141, 4520-5235 AS4520-5235, 4520-5458 AS4520-5458, 4520G AS4520G

Acer Aspire 4720 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4720 AS4720, 4720x-xxxxx AS4720x-xxxxx, 4720-4538 AS4720-4538, 4720G AS4720G, 4720Z AS4720Z

Acer Aspire 5000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5000 AS5000, 5002LMi AS5002LMi, 5002WLMi AS5002WLMi, 5002WLMi AS5002WLMi, 5003 AS5003, 5003WLCI AS5003WLCI, 5003WLMI AS5003WLMI, 5004WLMi AS5004WLMi

Acer Aspire 5040 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5040 AS5040, 5043WLMi AS5043WLMi, 5044WLMi AS5044WLMi

Acer Aspire 5100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5100 AS5100, 5100AWLMi AS5101AWLMi, 5101WLMi AS5101WLMi, 5102WLMi AS5102WLMi, 5100-1515, 5100-3010, 5100-3016, 5100-3123, 5100-3139, 5100-3357, 5100-3547, 5100-3577, 5100-3583, 5100-3682, 5100-3748, 5100-3825, 5100-3949, 5100-3959, 5100-4306, 5100-4575, 5100-4720, 5100-5022, 5100-5023, 5100-5033, 5100-5101AWLMI, 5100-5102, 5100-5310, 5100-5328, 5100-5355, 5100-5400, 5100-5474, 5100-5540, 5100-5778, 5100-5830, 5100-BL51

Acer Aspire 5110 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5110 AS5110, 5112WLMi AS5112WLMi

Acer Aspire 5510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5510 AS5510

Acer Aspire 5530 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5530 AS5530, 5530-703G25MN AS5530-703G25MN, 5530G AS5530G

Acer Aspire 5535 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5535 AS5535, 5536 AS5536, 5536G AS5536G

Acer Aspire 5542 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MS2277, 5542 AS5542

Acer Aspire 5720 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5720 AS5720, 5720-xxxx AS5720-xxxx, 5720G AS5720G, 5720ZG AS5720ZG, 5720Z AS5720Z, 5720-4068, 5720-4126, 5720-4230, 5720-4253, 5720-4273, 5720-4320, 5720-4353, 5720-4462, 5720-4643, 5720-4649, 5720-4984, 5720-6200, 5720-6279, 5720-6497, 5720-6661, 5720-6683

Acer Aspire 5730 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5730 AS5730, 5730G AS5730G, 5730Z AS5730Z, 5730ZG AS5730ZG

Acer Aspire 5735 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5735 AS5735, 5735Z AS5735Z, 5735-4061, 5735-4163, 5735-4401, 5735-4624, 5735-4774, 5735-4817, 5735-4950, 5735-582G25MN, 5735-6041, 5735-6211, 5735-6285, 5735-6694, 5735-6957

Acer Aspire 7100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 7100 AS7100, 7103EWSMi AS7103EWSMi, 7104WSMi AS7104WSMi

Acer Aspire 7110 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 7110 AS7100, 7110-xxxx AS7110-xxxx, 7110-2369 AS7110-2369

Acer Aspire 7740 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 7740 AS7740, 7740G-334G32MN AS7740G-334G32MN, 7740G-434G50Mi AS7740G-434G50Mi, 7740G-434G50MN AS7740G-434G50MN, 7740G-434G64BN AS7740G-434G64BN, 7740G-434G64MN AS7740G-434G64MN, 7740G-6364 AS7740G-6364, 7740G-624G50MN AS7740G-624G50MN, 7740G-6930 AS7740G-6930, 7740G-6969 AS7740G-6969

Acer Aspire 9300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 9300 AS9300, 9300-xxxx AS9300-xxxx, 9300-3375 AS9300-3375, 9300-3716 AS9300-3716, 9300-5024 AS9300-5024, 9300-5197 AS9300-5197, 9300-5317 AS9300-5317, 9301AWSMi AS9301AWSMi, 9302WSMI AS9302WSMI, 9303WSMI AS9303WSMI

Acer Aspire 9400 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 9400 AS9400, 9402WSMi AS9402WSMi, 9404WSMi AS9404WSMi

Acer Aspire 9410 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MS2195, 9410 AS9410, 9410-xxxx AS9410-xxxx, 9410Z AS9410Z, 9410-2028 AS9410-2028, 9410-2459 AS9410-2459, 9410-2597 AS9410-2597, 9410-2829 AS9410-2829, 9410-4872 AS9410-4872, 9410-4897 AS9410-4897, 9410-4933 AS9410-4933, 9411AWSMi AS9411AWSMi, 9412AWSMI AS9412AWSMI, 9412WSMi AS9412WSMi, 9412ZWSMi AS9412ZWSMi, 9413AWSMI AS9413AWSMI, 9413ZWSMI AS9413ZWSMI

Acer Aspire 9420 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 9420 AS9420, 9420AWSMi AS9420AWSMi, 9420WSMi AS9420WSMi, 9421AWSMi AS9421AWSMi, 9421WSMi AS9421WSMi, 9422AWSMi AS9422AWSMi, 9422WSMi AS9422WSMi, 9423AWSMi AS9423AWSMi, 9423WSMi AS9423WSMi, 9424AWSMi AS9424AWSMi, 9424WSMi AS9424WSMi, 9425AWSMi AS9425AWSMi, 9425WSMi AS9425WSMi

Acer Extensa 3000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3000 EX3000, 3000WLM EX3000WLM, 3000WLMi EX3000WLMi, 3001 EX3001, 3001LMi EX3001LMi, 3001WLM EX3001WLM, 3001WLMIi EX3001WLMi, 3002LMi EX3002LMi, 3002WLM EX3002WLM, 3002WLMi EX3002WLMi, 3003WLM EX3003WLM, 3003WLMi EX3003WLMi

Acer Extensa 4220 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MS2204, 4220 EX4220, 4220-050508Ci EX4220-050508Ci, 4220-051G08Mi EX4220-051G08Mi, 4220-051G12Mi EX4220-051G12Mi, 4220-100508Mi EX4220-100508Mi, 4220-101G08Mi EX4220-101G08Mi, 4220-1512Mi EX4220-1512Mi, 4220-1A1G16Mi EX4220-1A1G16Mi, 4220-200508Mi EX4220-200508Mi, 4220-201G08Mi EX4220-201G08Mi, 4220-2148 EX4220-2148, 4220-2346 EX4220-2346, 4220-2555 EX4220-2555

Acer Extensa 4420 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MS2204, MS2211, 4420 EX4420, 4420-5237 EX4420-5237, 4420-5239 EX4420-5239, 4420-5817 EX4420-5817, 4420-5910 EX4420-5910, 4420-5963 EX4420-5963

Acer Extensa 4620 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4620 EX4620, 4620-1A1G12Mi EX4620-1A1G12Mi, 4620-3A0516Mn EX4620-3A0516Mn, 4620-3A1G16Mn EX4620-3A1G16Mn, 4620-3A2G16Mn EX4620-3A2G16Mn, 4620-6402 EX4620-6402, 4620-4054 EX4620-4054, 4620-4260 EX4620-4260, 4620-4431 EX4620-4431, EX4620-4605 EX4620-4605, 4620-4648 EX4620-4648, 4620-4691 EX4620-4691, 4620-4908 EX4620-4908, 4620-5A0516Mn EX4620-5A0516Mn, 4620-5A2G16Mi EX4620-5A2G16Mi, 4620-6194 EX4620-6194, 4620-6342 EX4620-6342, 4620-6402 EX4620-6402, 4620-6456 EX4620-6456, 4620-6667 EX4620-6667, 4620-6736 EX4620-6736, 4620NWXMi EX4620NWXMi, 4620G EX4620G, 4620Z EX4620Z, 4620Z-2A1G08Mi EX4620Z-2A1G08Mi, 4620Z-3A1G16Mi EX4620Z-3A1G16Mi, 4620Z-4512 EX4620Z-4512

Acer TravelMate 2300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2300 TM2301LC, 2301LCi TM2301LCi, 2301WLCi TM2301WLCi, 2301XC TM2301XC, 2303LC TM2303LC, 2303LCi TM2303LCi, 2303WLCi TM2303WLCi, 2304LCi TM2304LCi, 2304WLCi TM2304WLCi

Acer TravelMate 2310 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2310 TM2310, 2312LCi TM2312LCi, 2312LCi_L TM2312LCi_L, 2312WLCi TM2312WLCi, 2312WLMi TM2312WLMi, 2313LCi TM2313LCi, 2313WLCi TM2313WLCi

Acer TravelMate 2400 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2400 TM2400, 2401LCi TM2401LCi, 2401LC TM2401LC, 2401LMi TM2401LMi, 2401WLCi TM2401WLCi, 2401WLM TM2401WLM, 2402LC TM2402LLC, 2402LMi TM2402LMi, 2402NWXC TM2402NWXC, 2402WLM TM2402WLM, 2402WXMi TM2402WXMi, 2403 TM2403, 2403NWXCi TM2403NWXCi, 2403NWXMi TM2403NWXMi, 2403WXCi TM2403WXCi, 2403WXMi TM2403WXMi

Acer TravelMate 2420 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2420 TM2420, 2423WXCi TM2423WXCi, 2422WLMi TM2422WLMi, 2424WXCi TM2424WXCi, 2423WXMi TM2423WXMi, 2424NWXCi TM2424NWXCi, 2424NWXMi TM2424NWXMi, 2424WXMi TM2424WXMi, 2427AWXCi TM2427AWXCi, 2428ANWXMI TM2428ANWXMI, 2428AWXCi TM2428AWXCi

Acer TravelMate 2430 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2430 TM2430, 2430LMi TM2430LMi, 2430WLCi TM2430WLCi, 2431LCi TM2431LCi, 2431WLMi TM2431WLMi, 2432WLCi TM2432WLCi, 2433LCi TM2433LCi, 2433LMi TM2433LMi, 2433NWLMi TM2433NWLMi, 2433WLMi TM2433WLMi, 2434LCi TM2434LCi, 2434NWLCi TM2434NWLCi, 2434NWLMi TM2434NWLMi, 2434WLCi TM2434WLCi, 2434WLMi TM2434WLMi

Acer TravelMate 2440 Series DC Power Jack Connector: MS180, 244x TM244x, 2440 TM2440, 2441 TM2441, 2441WXCi TM2441WXCi, 2441WXMi TM2441WXMi, 2442 TM2442, 2442NWXC TM2442NWXC, 2442WXMi TM2442WXMi

Acer TravelMate 2480 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 2480 TM2480, 2480-xxxx TM2480-xxxx, 2480-2022 TM2480-2022, 2480-2095 TM2480-2095, 2480-2106 TM2480-2106, 2480-2129 TM2480-2129, 2480-2153 TM2480-2153, 2480-2196 TM2480-2196, 2480-2247 TM2480-2247, 2480-2282 TM2480-2282, 2480-2352 TM2480-2352, 2480-2524 TM2480-2524, 2480-2551 TM2480-2551, 2480-2598 TM2480-2598, 2480-2645 TM2480-2645, 2480-2650 TM2480-2650, 2480-2698 TM2480-2698, 2480-2705 TM2480-2705, 2480-2735 TM2480-2735, 2480-2762 TM2480-2762, 2480-2766 TM2480-2766, 2480-2779 TM2480-2779, 2480-2835 TM2480-2835, 2480-2874 TM2480-2874, 2480-2876 TM2480-2876, 2480-2890 TM2480-2890, 2480-2915 TM2480-2915, 2480-2918 TM2480-2918, 2480-2923 TM2480-2923, 2480-2943 TM2480-2943, 2480-2968 TM2480-2968, 2480-2991 TM2480-2991, 2480-3270 TM2480 3270, 2480AWXMi TM2480AWXMi, 2480NWXCi TM2480NWXCi, 2480WXCi TM2480WXCi, 2480WXMi TM2480WXMi, 2481NWXCi TM2481NWXCi, 2481WXCi TM2481WXCi, 2481WXMi TM2481WXMi, 2482 TM2482, 2482AWXMi TM2482AWXMi, 2482NWXCi TM2482NWXCi, 2482NWXMi TM2482NWXMi, 2482WXCi TM2482WXCi, 2482WXMi TM2482WXMi, 2483 TM2483, 2483AWXMi TM2483AWXMi, 2483NWXCi TM2483NWXCi, 2483NWXMi TM2483NWXMi, 2483WXCi TM2483WXCi, 2483WXMi TM2483WXMi, 2484NWXCi TM2484NWXCi, 2484NWXMi TM2484NWXMi, 2484WXCi TM2484WXCi, 2484WXMi TM2484WXMi

Acer TravelMate 3200 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 3200 TM3200, 3200XCi TM3200XCi, 3200XMi TM3200XMi, 3201 TM3201, 3201XCi TM3201XCi, 3201XMi TM3201XMi, 3201NXCi TM3201NXCi, 3202 TM3202, 3202XCi TM3202XCi, 3202XMi TM3202XMi, 3203 TM3203, 3203XCi TM3203XCi, 3203XMi TM3203XMi, 3204 TM3204, 3204XCi TM3204XCi, 3204XMi TM3204XMi, 3205 TM3205, 3205XMi TM3205XMi

Acer TravelMate 4000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4000 TM4000, 4000LCi TM4000LCi, 4000LMi TM4000LMi, 4000NLCi TM4000NLCi, 4000WLCi TM4000WLCi, 4000WLMi TM4000WLMi, 4001 TM4001, 4001LC TM4001LC, 4001LCi TM4001LCi, 4001LM TM4001LM, 4001LMi TM4001LMi, 4001NLCi TM4001NLCi, 4001WLC TM4001WLC, 4001WLCi TM4001WLCi, 4001WLM TM4001WLM, 4001WLMi TM4001WLMi, 4001XCi TM4001XCi, 4002 TM4002, 4002LC TM4002LC, 4002LCi TM4002LCi, 4002LM TM4002LM, 4002LMi TM4002LMi, 4002NLCi TM4002NLCi, 4002WLCi TM4002WLCi, 4002WLM TM4002WLM, 4002WLMi TM4002WLMi

Acer TravelMate 4010 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4010 TM4010, 4010WLCi TM4010WLCi, 4011LCi TM4011LCi, 4011LMi TM4011LMi, 4011WLCi TM4011WLCi, 4011WLMi TM4011WLMi, 4012NLCi TM4012NLCi, 4015LCi TM4015LCi, 4015LMi TM4015LMi

Acer TravelMate 4020 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4020 TM4020, 4020NWLCi TM4020NWLCi, 4020WLCi TM4020WLCi, 4020WLMi TM4020WLMi, 4021 TM4021, 4021LCi TM4021LCi, 4021NWLCi TM4021NWLCi, 4021NWLMi TM4021NWLMi, 4021WLCi TM4021WLCi, 4021WLMi TM4021WLMi, 4022 TM4022, 4022NWLMi TM4022NWLMi, 4022WLCi TM4022WLCi, 4024 TM4024, 4024WLMi TM4024WLMi, 4025 TM4025, 4025LCi TM4025LCi, 4025LMi TM4025LMi

Acer TravelMate 4060 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4060 TM4060, 4060LCi TM4060LCi, 4060LMi TM4060LMi, 4061 TM4061, 4061LCi TM4061LCi, 4061LMi TM4061LMi, 4061NLCi TM4061NLCi, 4061NLMi TM4061NLMi, 4061NWLCi TM4061NWLCi, 4061WLCi TM4061WLCi, 4061WLMi TM4061WLMi, 4062 TM4062, 4062LCi TM4062LCi, 4062LMi TM4062LMi, 4062WLCi TM4062WLCi, 4062WLMi TM4062WLMi, 4064 TM4064, 4064LMi TM4064LMi, 4064WLMi TM4064WLMi

Acer TravelMate 4100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4100 TM4100, 4100LCi TM4100LCi, 4100LMi TM4100LMi, 4100WLM TM4100WLM, 4100WLMi TM4100WLMi, 4101 TM4101, 4101LCi TM4101LCi, 4101LM TM4101LM, 4101LMi TM4101LMi, 4101WLC TM4101WLC, 4101WLMi TM4101WLMi, 4102 TM4102, 4102LC TM4102LC, 4102LCi TM4102LCi, 4102LM TM4102LM, 4102LMi TM4102LMi, 4102NLCi TM4102NLCi, 4102NLMi TM4102NLMi, 4102NWLCi TM4102NWLCi, 4102NWLMi TM4102NWLMi, 4102WLC TM4102WLC, 4102WLCi TM4102WLCi, 4102WLM TM4102WLM, 4102WLMi TM4102WLMi, 4103 TM4103, 4103LCi TM4103LCi, 4103LMi TM4103LMi, 4103WLCi TM4103WLCi, 4104 TM4104, 4104WLMi TM4104WLMi, 4106 TM4106, 4106WLMi TM4106WLMi

Acer TravelMate 4150 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4150 TM4150, 4150LCi TM4150LCi, 4151LC TM4151LC, 4151LCi TM4151LCi, 4151LM TM4151LM, 4151LMi TM4151LMi, 4151NLC TM4151NLC, 4152 TM4152, 4152LCi TM4152LCi, 4152LMi TM4152LMi, 4152NLCi TM4152NLCi, 4152NLMi TM4152NLMi, 4153 TM4153, 4153LM TM4153LM, 4153LMi TM4153LMi, 4154 TM4154, 4154LM TM4154LM, 4154LMi TM4154LMi

Acer TravelMate 4500 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4500 TM4500, 4500ALCi TM4500ALCi, 4500LCi TM4500LCi, 4500LMi TM4500LMi, 4500WLCi TM4500WLCi, 4500WLMi TM4500WLMi, 4501 TM4501, 4501ALC TM4501ALC, 4501ALCi TM4501ALCi, 4501LC TM4501LC, 4501LCi TM4501LCi, 4501LMi TM4501LMi, 4501WLC TM4501WLC, 4501WLCi TM4501WLCi, 4501WLM TM4501WLM, 4501WLMi TM4501WLMi, 4502 TM4502, 4502ALCi TM4502ALCi, 4502LC TM4502LC, 4502LCi TM4502LCi, 4502LMi TM4502LMi, 4502WLCi TM4502WLCi, 4502WLM TM4502WLM, 4502WLMi TM4502WLMi, 4503 TM4503, 4503LCi TM4503LCi, 4503LMi TM4503LMi, 4503WLCi TM4503WLCi, 4504 TM4504, 4504LC TM4504LC, 4504LCi TM4504LCi, 4504LM TM4504LM, 4504LMi TM4504LMi, 4504WLCi TM4504WLCi, 4504WLMi TM4504WLMi

Acer TravelMate 4520 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4520 TM4520

Acer TravelMate 4600 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4600 TM4600, 4601 TM4601, 4601LC TM4601LC, 4601LCi TM4601LCi, 4601LM TM4601LM, 4601LMi TM4601LMi, 4601WLM TM4601WLM, 4601WLMi TM4601WLMi, 4602 TM4602, 4602LCi TM4602LCi, 4602LMi TM4602LMi, 4602WLM TM4602WLM, 4602WLMi TM4602WLMi, 4603 TM4603, 4603WLCi TM4603WLCi, 4603WLMi TM4603WLMi, 4604 TM4604, 4604WLCi TM4604WLCi, 4604WLM TM4604WLM, 4604WLMi TM4604WLMi

Acer TravelMate 4650 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 4650 TM4650, 4651 TM4651, 4651LC TM4651LC, 4651LCi TM4651LCi, 4651LM TM4651LM, 4651LMi TM4651LMi, 4651NLM TM4651NLM, 4651WLMi TM4651WLMi, 4652 TM4652, 4652LC TM4652LC, 4652LCi TM4652LCi, 4652LM TM4652LM, 4652LMi TM4652LMi, 4652NLCi TM4652NLCi, 4652WLCi TM4652WLCi, 4652WLMi TM4652WLMi, 4654 TM4654, 4654LM TM4654LM, 4654LMi 4654LMi, 4654WLMi TM4654WLMi, 4655 TM4655, 4655LM TM4655LM, 4655LMi TM4655LMi

Acer TravelMate 5100 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5100 TM5100, 5100WLMi TM5100WLMi, 5101AWLMi TM5101AWLMi, 5102NWLMi TM5102NWLMi, 5102WSMi TM5102WSMi, 5103WLMi TM5103WLMi, 5103WSMi TM5103WSMi, 5104WSMi TM5104WSMi

Acer TravelMate 5110 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5110 TM5110, 5112 TM5112, 5112AWLMi TM5112AWLMi, 5114 TM5114, 5114WLMi TM5114WLMi

Acer TravelMate 5600 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5600 TM5600, 5600WSMi TM5600WSMi, 5601 TM5601, 5601WLMi TM5601WLMi, 5602WSMi TM5602WSMi, 5604WSMi TM5604WSMi

Acer TravelMate 5610 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 5610 TM5610, 5610WSMi TM5610WSMi, 5611 TM5611, 5611AWSMi TM5611AWSMi, 5612 TM5612, 5612AWLMi TM5612AWLMi, 5612WSMi TM5612WSMi, 5614 TM5614, 5614AWLMi TM5614AWLMi, 5614WSMi TM5614WSMi

Acer TravelMate 620 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 620 TM620, 620LCi TM620LCi, 621 TM621, 621E TM621E, 621EC TM621EC, 621EV TM621EV, 621L TM621L, 621LC TM621LC, 621LCi, TM621LCi, 621LV TM621LV, 621LVi TM621LVi, 621XC TM621XC, 621XCi TM621XCi, 621XV TM621XV, 621XVi TM621XVi, 622 TM622, 622E TM622E, 622EC TM622EC, 622EV TM622EV, 622LC TM622LC, 622LCi TM622LCi, 622LV TM622LV, 622LVi TM622LVi, 622XC TM622XC, 622XV TM622XV, 623 TM623, 623E TM623E, 623EC TM623EC, 623EV TM623EV, 623LC TM623LC, 623LCi TM623LCi, 623LV TM623LV, 623LVi TM623LVi, 623XC TM623XC, 623XV TM623XV, 624 TM624, 624E TM624E, 624EC TM624EC, 624EV TM624EV, 624LC TM624LC, 624LCi TM624LCi, 624LV TM624LV, 624LVi TM624LVi, 624XC TM624XC, 624XCi TM624XCi, 624XV TM624XV

Acer TravelMate 650 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 650 TM650, 653 TM653, 653LC TM653LC, 653LCi TM653LCi, 653XC TM653XC, 653XCi TM653XCi, 653XV TM653XV, 654 TM654, 654LC TM654LC, 654LCi TM654LCi, 654XC TM654XC, 654XCi TM654XCi, 654XV TM654XV, 655LCi TM655LCi

Acer TravelMate 800 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 800 TM800, 800LC TM800LC, 800LCi TM800LCi, 800LCib TM800LCib, 800LM TM800LM, 800LMi TM800LMi, 800LMib TM800LMib, 800XC TM800XC, 800XCi TM800XCi, 801LC TM801LC, 801LCi TM801LCi, 801LCib TM801LCib, 801LMi TM801LMi, 801LMib TM801LMib, 801XC TM801XC, 801XCi TM801XCi, 801XVi TM801XVi, 802LCi TM802LCi, 802LCib TM802LCib, 802LMi TM802LMi, 802LMib TM802LMib, 802XCi TM802XCi, 803 TM803, 803LC TM803LC, 803LCi TM803LCi, 803LCib TM803LCib, 803LM TM803LM, 803LMi TM803LMi, 803LMib TM803LMib, 803XCi TM803XCi, 803XVi TM803XVi, 804 TM804, 804LC TM804LC, 804LCi TM804LCi, 804LCib TM804LCib, 804LM TM804LM, 804LMi TM804LMi, 804LMib TM804LMib

Acer TravelMate 8000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: 8000 TM8000, 8000LCi TM8000LCi, 8000LMi TM8000LMi, 8001 TM8001, 8001LCib TM8001LCib, 8002 TM8002, 8002LC M8002LC, 8002LCi TM8002LCi, 8002LCib TM8002LCib, 8002LMi TM8002LMi, 8003 TM8003, 8003LC TM8003LC, 8003LCi TM8003LCi, 8003LCib TM8003LCib, 8003LM TM8003LM, 8003LMi TM8003LMi, 8003LMib TM8003LMib, 8004 TM8004, 8004LCi TM8004LCi, 8004LCib TM8004LCib, 8004LM TM8004LM, 8004LMi TM8004LMi, 8004LMib TM8004LMib, 8005 TM8005, 8005LCi TM8005LCi, 8005LCib TM8005LCib, 8005LMi TM8005LMi, 8005LMib TM8005LMib, 8006 TM8006, 8006LCi TM8006LCi, 8006LM TM8006LM, 8006LMi TM8006LMi, 8006LMib TM8006LMib

Acer TravelMate C300 Series DC Power Jack Connector: C300 TMC300, C300XCi TMC300XCi, C300XCi-G TMC300XCi-G, C300XM TMC300XM, C300XMi TMC300XMi, C300XMib TMC300XMib, C301 TMC301, C301XCi TMC301XCi, C301XCi-G TMC301XCi-G, C301XM TMC301XM, C301XMi TMC301XMi, C301XMib TMC301XMib, C302 TMC302, C302MXi TMC302MXi, C302XC TMC302XC, C302XCi TMC302XCi, C302XMi TMC302XMi, C302XMib TMC302XMib, C302XMi-G TMC302XMi-G, C303 TMC303, C303XC TMC303XC, C303XCi TMC303XCi, C303XM TMC303XM, C303XMi TMC303XMi, C303XMib TMC303XMib

Acer TravelMate C310 Series DC Power Jack Connector: C310 TMC310, C310XC TMC310XC, C310XCi TMC310XCi, C310XM TMC310XM, C310XMi TMC310XMi, C311 TMC311, C311XC TMC311XC, C311XCi TMC311XCi, C311XM TMC311XM, C311XMi TMC311XMi, C312 TMC312, C312XC TMC312XC, C312XCi TMC312XCi, C312XM TMC312XM, C312XMi TMC312XMi, C313 TMC313, C313XC TMC313XC, C313XCi TMC313XCi, C313XM TMC313XM, C313XMi TMC313XMi, C314 TMC314, C314XC TMC314XC, C314XCi TMC314XCi, C314XM TMC314XM, C314XMi TMC314XMi

Compaq Notebook PC Series DC Power Jack Connector: 320, 321, 325, 326, 420, 421, 425, 620, 621, 625

Compaq Presario X1000 Series DC Power Jack Connector: X1000 CTO, X1001US, X1002US, X1005EA, X1005LA, X1006EA, X1007EA, X1010AL, X1010CA, X1010EA, X1010US, X1011AL, X1012AL, X1012EA, X1012QV, X1015US, X1016EA, X1018CL, X1020EA, X1020US, X1021AP, X1022AP, X1023AP, X1026AP, X1027AP, X1028AP, X1028CL, X1029AP, X1030AP, X1030US, X1031AP, X1032AP, X1033AP, X1034AP, X1035AP, X1036AP, X1037AP, X1038AP, X1040AP, X1040US, X1041AP, X1042AP, X1043AP, X1044AP, X1045AP, X1046AP, X1047AP, X1048AP, X1049AP, X1050AP, X1050CA, X1050US, X1051AP, X1052AP, X1053AP, X1054AP, X1055AP, X1056AP, X1057AP, X1058AP, X1058CL, X1060AP, X1061AP, X1062AP, X1063AP, X1064AP, X1065AP, X1066AP, X1067AP, X1068AP, X1069AP, X1070AP, X1071AP, X1072AP, X1073AP, X1074AP, X1075AP, X1076AP, X1077AP, X1078AP, X1079AP, X1080AP, X1081AP, X1082AP, X1083AP, X1084AP, X1085AP, X1086AP, X1087AP, X1088AP, X1089AP, X1090AP, X1091AP, X1092AP, X1093AP, X1094AP, X1095AP, X1096AP, X1097AP, X1098AP, X1099AP, X1105EA, X1110EA, X1115EA, X1140EA, X1155EA, X1200, X1201AP, X1201US, X1202AP, X1203AP, X1204AP, X1205AP, X1206AP, X1207AP, X1208AP, X1209AP, X1210AP, X1210CA, X1210US, X1211AP, X1212AP, X1213AP, X1214AP, X1215AP, X1216AP, X1217AP, X1218AP, X1219AP, X1220AP, X1220EA, X1220US, X1221AP, X1222AP, X1223AP, X1224AP, X1225AP, X1227AP, X1228AP, X1229AP, X1230AP, X1230US, X1231AP, X1232AP, X1233AP, X1234AP, X1236AP, X1237AP, X1238AP, X1239AP, X1240AP, X1241AP, X1242AP, X1300 CTO, X1301AP, X1301US, X1302AP, X1303AP, X1304AP, X1305AP, X1306AP, X1307AP, X1308AP, X1309AP, X1310AP, X1311AP, X1312AP, X1313AP, X1314AP, X1315AP, X1316AP, X1317AP, X1318AP, X1319AP, X1320AP, X1321AP, X1322AP, X1324AP, X1325AP, X1326AP, X1327AP, X1328AP, X1329AP, X1330AP, X1360CA, X1360US, X1370US, X1390, X1390US, X1397, X1400 CTO, X1400AD, X1401AP, X1401US, X1402AP, X1402US, X1403AP, X1404AP, X1405AP, X1406AP, X1407AP, X1408AP, X1409AP, X1410AP, X1411AP, X1412AP, X1413AP, X1414AP, X1415AP, X1416AP, X1417AP, X1418AP, X1419AP, X1420AP, X1421AP, X1422AP, X1423AP, X1424AP, X1425AP, X1426AP, X1427AP, X1428AP, X1429AP, X1430AP, X1431AP, X1432AP, X1433AP, X1434AP, X1435AP, X1436AP, X1437AP, X1438AP, X1439AP, X1440AP, X1441AP, X1442AP, X1443AP, X1444AP, X1445AP, X1460CA, X1460US, X1480, X1480US, X1500 CTO, X1560CA

HP Compaq Tablet Notebook DC Power Jack Connector: TC4200

HP Compaq Business Notebook DC Power Jack Connector: NC4200, NX6115, NX6125, NX7000

HP Compaq Notebook PC Series DC Power Jack Connector: 6720s, 6820S, ZX3200

HP Notebook PC Series DC Power Jack Connector: 420, 425, 500, 510, 520, 530, 540, 541, 550, 620, 625

HP Pavilion: ZT3xxx series, ZT3000, ZT3001US, ZT3001US, ZT3007LA, ZT3010AP, ZT3010EA, ZT3010US, ZT3010US, ZT3011AP, ZT3012AP, ZT3012EA, ZT3013AP, ZT3014AP, ZT3015AP, ZT3015EA, ZT3016AP, ZT3017AP, ZT3017EA, ZT3017LA, ZT3017WM, ZT3017WM, ZT3018AP, ZT3019AP, ZT3019EA, ZT3020, ZT3020AP, ZT3020EA, ZT3020US, ZT3021AP, ZT3022AP, ZT3022EA, ZT3023AP, ZT3024AP, ZT3024EA, ZT3025AP, ZT3026AP, ZT3027AP, ZT3028AP, ZT3029AP, ZT3030AP, ZT3030EA, ZT3031AP, ZT3032AP, ZT3033AP, ZT3034AP, ZT3035AP, ZT3036AP, ZT3037AP, ZT3038AP, ZT3039AP, ZT3040AP, ZT3041AP, ZT3042AP, ZT3043AP, ZT3044AP, ZT3045AP, ZT3046AP, ZT3047AP, ZT3048AP, ZT3049AP, ZT3050AP, ZT3050EA, ZT3051AP, ZT3057LA, ZT3068CL, ZT3068Cl, ZT3100, ZT3101EA, ZT3101US, ZT3101US, ZT3105EA, ZT3106EA, ZT3110EA, ZT3111EA, ZT3113EA, ZT3114EA, ZT3115EA, ZT3116EA, ZT3120EA, ZT3130EA, ZT3131EA, ZT3140US, ZT3140US, ZT3170US, ZT3170US, ZT3200, ZT3201AP, ZT3201US, ZT3201US, ZT3202AP, ZT3203AP, ZT3204AP, ZT3205AP, ZT3206AP, ZT3207AP, ZT3208AP, ZT3209AP, ZT3210AP, ZT3210EA, ZT3211AP, ZT3211EA, ZT3212AP, ZT3212EA, ZT3213AP, ZT3214AP, ZT3214EA, ZT3215AP, ZT3215EA, ZT3216AP, ZT3217AP, ZT3218AP, ZT3219AP, ZT3220AP, ZT3220EA, ZT3221AP, ZT3222AP, ZT3223AP, ZT3224AP, ZT3225AP, ZT3228AP, ZT3229AP, ZT3230AP, ZT3231AP, ZT3232AP, ZT3232EA, ZT3235AP, ZT3236AP, ZT3237AP, ZT3239EA, ZT3240EA, ZT3241EA, ZT3242EA, ZT3250, ZT3250US, ZT3250US, ZT3260EA, ZT3280US, ZT3280US, ZT3300, ZT3301AP, ZT3301US, ZT3302AP, ZT3302US, ZT3302US, ZT3303AP, ZT3304AP, ZT3305AP, ZT3306AP, ZT3307AP, ZT3308AP, ZT3309AP, ZT3310AP, ZT3310EA, ZT3311AP, ZT3312AP, ZT3312EA, ZT3313AP, ZT3314AP, ZT3314EA, ZT3315AP, ZT3315EA, ZT3316AP, ZT3316EA, ZT3317AP, ZT3318AP, ZT3319AP, ZT3320AP, ZT3320EA, ZT3321AP, ZT3322AP, ZT3323AP, ZT3324AP, ZT3325AP, ZT3326AP, ZT3327AP, ZT3328AP, ZT3329AP, ZT3329EA, ZT3330AP, ZT3330EA, ZT3331AP, ZT3332AP, ZT3333AP, ZT3334AP, ZT3335AP, ZT3336AP, ZT3337AP, ZT3338AP, ZT3339AP, ZT3340AP, ZT3340EA, ZT3340US, ZT3340US, ZT3341AP, ZT3342AP, ZT3343AP, ZT3344AP, ZT3345AP, ZT3346AP, ZT3347AP, ZT3348AP, ZT3349AP, ZT3349CL, ZT3349cl, ZT3350AP, ZT3350EA, ZT3350US, ZT3350US, ZT3351AP, ZT3351EA, ZT3352AP, ZT3353AP, ZT3354AP, ZT3355AP, ZT3355US, ZT3355US, ZT3356AP, ZT3357AP, ZT3358AP, ZT3359AP, ZT3360AP, ZT3368EA, ZT3370EA, ZT3377LA, ZT3379LA, ZT3380LA, ZT3380us, ZT3380US, ZT3380XX, ZT3400 CTO, ZT3418EA, ZT3420EA, ZT3440EA, ZT3447EA, ZT3449EA, ZT3450EA, ZT3451EA, ZT3459EA, ZT3460EA, ZT3461EA, ZT3462EA, ZT3463EA, ZT3464EA, ZT3465EA

Gateway NV52 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV5200, NV5207u, NV5213U, NV5214U, NV5215U, NV5216U, MS2274

Gateway NV53 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV5300, NV5302U, NV5331U, NV5333U, NV5336U, NV5337U, NV5356U, NV5362U, NV5369ZU, NV5370U, NV5373U, NV5376U, NV5378U, NV5380U, NV5381U, NV5383U, NV5384U, NV5385U, NV5386U, NV5387U, NV5388U, NV5389U, NV5390U, NV5394U, MS2285

Gateway NV54 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV5400 NV5422U, NV5423U, NV5425U, NV5435U, NV5453U, NV5462U, NV5465U, NV5468U, NV5469ZU, NV5470U, NV5473U, NV5474U, NV5478U

Gateway NV56 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV5600, NV5602U, NV5606U, NV5610U, NV5613U, NV5614U, NV5615U

Gateway NV58 Series, MS2273: NV5800, NV5807U, NV5810U, NV5813H(MS2273), NV5814U, NV5815U, NV5820U

Gateway NV59 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NV5900, NV5911U, NV5913U, NV5915U, NV5917U, NV5918U, NV5921U, NV5922U, NV5923U, NV5925U, NV5926U, NV5927U, NV5928U, NV5929U, NV5930U, NV5931U, NV5932U, NV5933U, NV5935U, NV5936U, NV5937U, MS2288

Emachines D525 Series DC Power Jack Connector: D525 em-D525, em-D525-B01 D525-B01, em-D525-W25 D525-W25, em-D525-2925 D525-2925, MS2268

Emachines D620 Series DC Power Jack Connector: D620 em-D620, D620-5133 em-D620-5133, D620-5137 em-D620-5137, D620-5150 em-D620-5150, D620-5517 em-D620-5517, D620-5772 em-D620-5772, D620-5777 em-D620-5777, MS2257

Emachines D725 Series DC Power Jack Connector: em-D725 D725, em-D725-4187 D725-4187, em-D725-421G25Mn D725-421G25Mn, em-D725-432G25Mi D725-432G25Mi, em-D725-432G32Mi D725-432G32Mi, MS2273


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DC Power Jack Part PJ014

DC Power Jack, Part #PJ014

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